Preparation and Readiness Training

We offer some of the most comprehensive prepping and disaster readiness classes in the world to get you ready for any event that may happen; today we are seeing more and more bad things happening around the world either environmental or man-made, and someday these bad things could happen here. We know that anything can happen at anytime and we will make sure you are prepared to the fullest with the knowledge, tools and skills you need to get you out of the situation whether it's a natural disaster or any other type of disaster. We have shown our skills to many government agencies in the past two decades and have a proven track record that speaks for itself, when you take our courses you will witness this outstanding method of skills you will require.







We know that getting your family and yourself to safety is the most important thing in life. You can not just buy some gear and expect it to work for you, you really need to know how to use it in the most effective way that it was designed to be used. You would not go and buy a motorcycle when you've never ridden one before and just know how, you would seek out expert instruction. We teach everything from proper ways of neutralizing an enemy or intruder with or without a weapon, and along with many other skills regarding preparation. The list below is just some of the skills we train;

  • Picking the right weapon for your situation
  • Using a weapon correctly and safely
  • Extreme fighting skills including disarming a foe, (Self defense)
  • Proper bug out gear, for whatever situation
  • First aid in an emergency situation
  • Training for any type of gear (We will teach you the proper ways)
  • Creating weapons and tools from everyday items
  • Preparing contaminated water for safe consumption
  • Tool and weapon maintenance
  • BOB (Bug Out Bag creation)
  • Whole family training
  • Young people training a safe and easy to understand method for
    training young people aged from 4 to 18, by using our state of the art method of teaching young people
  • Mapping and locating your position
  • Making contact with others via alterative methods
  • Bugging out without panic
  • Making every second count by proper preparation skills