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Asa Santiago

Asa M. Santiago
Director of Marketing & Sales
He who did this website
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When Asa was 22, he had realized that his health was plummeting, and that the direction he was going in at the time, wasn't upward. He had suffered from pre-diabetes, clinical depression, chronic anxiety, psoriasis, early hair loss, and significant joint pain. Through his own research, he felt that the only way to heal these problems was to think outside of the box; and subsequently, dare to be different. He changed the way he ate, got away from technology (for the most part), and practiced being 'present' day to day. He then cast aside his whole identity as a city boy, who happens to be good at dancing, marketing, and selling high-end whiskey as a Scotch Mentor for DIAGEO, and decided to go off and live in the wild through the support of Travis Johnson. Sounds kind of funny right? Well, it doesn't stop there...    

Prior to meeting Travis, Asa tried to make his own comedy series that was basically The Office, but at the gym. He wrote it all out, started his own studio, designed an entire Indiegogo campaign, casted the actors & actresses, brought on the necessary crew, and negotiated a film date with a local gym. Unfortunately, Asa lost some of his crucial actors due to major events in their lives, and decided to table the project for another time. Whimsically, he has found himself in the northwest, adopting all of the skills Travis has to offer. The end goal is to pursue a full-time wilderness lifestyle, free of expenses, while expanding Northwest Survival School. 

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He also likes to write about himself in third person 

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