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  • Where are your classes held?
    Generally Ione, WA. Our SERE/CCRS Program is held north of Colville. Keep an eye out on the calendar for specific class locations, as some aren't always held in Ione, WA.
  • Where is the Gear Requirements List?
    We send this list out as soon as the invoice for whichever class being attended is paid.
  • Do you require masks?
    Never. Masks are dangerous to your health when in the wild conducting aerobic activities.
  • Can pets be brought along?
    If they are well-mannered and the party feels confident that they can handle well in the wild. No parrots...
  • Is there an age requirement?
    The age of 6 is as low as we'll go. A permission slip must be signed for all children. For our Kids Outdoor School, the age range is generally 8-18.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    This is a case by case basis. If the group is okay with smoking, then we allow it at camp, otherwise it is generally recommended that it be taken outside of the campsite.
  • Where can the syllabus for each class be seen?
    For proprietary reasons the syllabus is only handed out to patrons interested in taking a class via email.
  • Are there refunds?
    There are no refunds on any classes.
  • Can a firearm be brought along?
    Yes. This should be commonly understood, but no RPGs, hand grenades, mines, etc.
  • Will we be killing any animals?
    If the student is taking a Basic Survival Class or anything that involves trapping, tracking, fishing, and general hunting techniques, it is possible that we will be killing an animal. In the case that we do, we do always take advantage of the situation and process the animal for extra education.
  • Is there a bathroom on site?
    No our classes are held outside in a primitive wilderness setting, there are no facilities on site. Please be prepared to use the, dig and bury method and bring the proper toiletries required for this type of restroom procedure.
  • Is there a Trash on site, What do we do with our garbage?
    Please bring a Garbage bag or two and pack it in and pack it out. You will be required to remove all garbage you accumulate while on site.
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