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EDC Folding Wallet knife

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The credit card folding knife is an innovative new idea that provides a light and ultra sharp knife in the shape and size of a credit card. The knife is attached to a hinge that swings out, and the "card" portion turns into the knife's handle. When folded up, the knife includes a locking mechanism to protect you from the blade and a protective sheath to protect the blade from you. Durable design allows for thousands of uses. A great collector's tool with practical everyday use.



Blade Material: Stainless steel

Overall length: Approx 145mm

Handle length: Approx 90mm

Blade length: Approx 65mm

Suitable for: Outdoors: Survival, Camping, Sailing, Diving, Fishing and Hunting

Kitchen: Peeled, chopped, etc.

Practical: DIY, tools and carton knife

Emergency: Ambulance, medical and fire services


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