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The team

Northwest Survival School employs professionals who wear many hats, and of these people, we see none of them as 'employees'; we believe that freedom is crucial for everyone associated with the school. 


All of the people we bring in are true survivors with an intense will to live. Every wilderness survival instructor is passionate about giving their knowledge to our students - often even generously bestowing knowledge outside of the curriculum.

Money, to us, comes second to making a difference wherever we step foot.

Seasonal Survival Instructors

The crew that we bring in is based on the level of business and survival camp locations outside of these states: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, California. We do not have profiles of them at this time. However, they are all tried and capable survivalists.


Travis Johnson
Owner & Lead Instructor
Asa Santiago
Director of Primal Healing & Marketing

Travis has over 25 years of experience guiding people into the wild. He has trained people in the Military, CDC, corporate teams for companies like Google, and has learned the majority of his survival skills from indigenous tribes throughout the world. He is also a SERE instructor.

Making a difference is the center of who Travis is. He is putting $5000 of his own savings (that he has little of) to fund the mission to find a missing fighter pilot of WWII for a mourning family seeking closure.

Asa wears a lot of hats at Northwest Survival School. He made this website, does marketing, business development, and frequently instructs classes while offering information on what it would be like to eat in the wild.

After conquering his chronic illnesses at a young age, Asa has become passionate about health and living optimally. He founded Gut Goals, a peer-to-peer health consulting company that focuses on metabolic health in relation to the microbiome. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder, Functional Nutritionist, and has spent over 1,500 hours studying nutritional epidemiology.


His mission is to help people who want to escape urban life feel confident enough to survive outdoors as he does.

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