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The Mission

At Northwest Survival School, we believe that no experience in a learning setting should be without a teacher who cares for each and every person; each student, no matter what class taken, is a valuable member of our tribe. A tribe where each member can access all of what they learned from our school, and reconnect with fellow members.


We offer one of the most unique, professional, comprehensive, and genuine experiences in the survival school industry.


If an individual student or group seeks a customizable experience in ANY of our offerings, please do contact us; we love creating unique classes/courses for either a single student or group. We work with all manner of ages, fitness levels, dietary needs, budgets, and schedules. 


Our Promise


At Northwest Survival School, it is our promise that the individual or group will leave happy in what they learned, or we will make it right.

Check out Travis Johnson teaching a class for a local news channel in the video below.


Not only are we all over local television, we are endorsed by many large organizations, private and government, celebrated by our students' testimonials, and our founder  Travis Johnson has a litany of certifications.

   Our Footprint

Well that's just it isn't it? We don't have one! In every class, course, and program, we aim to instill a sense of taking only from nature what one needs to survive. We teach our students how to get by as minimally as possible as they become a part of the wilderness around them.

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