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5-Day $1,595
7-Day $2,185

These classes are SERE/CCRS (Civilian Combat Readiness Survival) and are in extremely high demand this year, so space is limited so secure your date today, Ask about our Installment options available for all classes.

Please note: This program is a civilian version of SERE that does "not always" include the escape elements but can be requested as a (Add-on) However, it does include live fire training and hand-to-hand combat training (7-Day only)

(Not quite convinced?)

The wild is dangerous, yet predictable, and people looking to do harm are a much greater - and often unpredictable - threat.


This is the ultimate SERE course for turning a citizen into a force to be reckoned with.

The SERE student will learn to defend themselves and or loved ones through:


  • Concealment

  • Tactical movement/Stealth ops 

  • Weapons training (primitive and modern/firearms) 

  • Trap building

  • Hand-to-hand-Defensive Movement

Learn the necessities of wilderness survival:

  • Fire, Shelter, Water

  • Primitive tools

  • Traps for hunting small game

Be aware
  • This is both a physically and mentally demanding course.

  • There will be use of firearms and various weapons.

  • There will be a period where the student(s) must be outdoors alone. Though we will be close by in case of emergency.

Urban Survival


Disaster may strike while you and your family are still at home and have little means to escape to the wild.

  • Learn to survive in an urban setting using everyday items to craft into essential tools and weapons for survival.

  • Learn how to navigate your geographical location, and to discover safe spots.

  • Learn what firearms are best for this situation, and how to use them.

  • Learn hand-to-hand combat skills.

  • Learn urban concealment abilities.

Half-Day CCRS CLasses

These classes are for those who cannot commit to a 5 or 7-day class, or have already learned one of the three and would like to have a specific focus in one area for self preservation in the wild.

Hand-to-Hand Combat:

Marine Corps


  • Defend against attack from all angles

  • Defend against knife attacks

  • Disable assailants

Firearms Training

  • Live-fire training/target practice

  • Points of focus

  • Tactical strategy

$250 + Ammo

Evasion, Escape, Concealment


  • Hide in plain sight

  • Evade being tracked and hunted

  • Conceal fire and shelter

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