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Michael Adam


Appleseed Project

Killeen, TX

I hope you guys know that when you ask Travis a question or he volunteers some of the vast amount of knowledge/information he has managed to amass during his life of living at ease inside the wilderness, you are getting information from someone who has walked the walk,, who grew up living in the wilderness. And not just one kind of wilderness. Travis works out of a unique area of the nation where he can be in the desert in the morning and in snow covered mountains by nightfall and has lived in all of these areas. If Travis Johnson tells you a wild plant is good to eat, or a way to start a fire without matches, it is because he ate the plant and it was good, or he started the fire easily with his flint and steel. Not because he read about it somewhere or watched a youtube video. Travis is one of the very few REAL wilderness survival instructors in America with a verifiable 25 plus years of experience and real accreditation and recognition from state and federal authorities as well as thousands of satisfied clients from Northwest Survival School from around the world. Just sayin...OK?
Keep on Surviving Travis!

Survival Basics Classes

Marth 10th



Spokane, WA


"It was such a great class the skills that we learned are so useful and the instructor made it easy to learn and enjoyable"

Jim, Richie, James, Tommy Davis

Spokane, WA

"Was the greatest training I have ever recieved so intense and fun I had no idea it would be so fun My sons and I really enjoyed the time and personal training we recieved from the instructors was superb a super knowledgeable staff"

Blake S
Helena, MT

"Wow the guys that teach ua at Northwest Survival are for sure the best in the survival industry thumbs up to you guys, Now which class do I want to take next haha!!!."

February 23rd

Greg Carlson

Spokane Valley, WA

"I took a class from Travis-Northwest Survival School, and highly recommend this for anyone who may have an interest in the outdoors or survival."

Anonymous student #1

Spokane, WA

"The class was enjoyable and professional. It left me wanting to learn more advanced skills."

Anonymous student #2

Spokane, WA

"We had a great experience with the two day training class. We were able to learn about and build useful traps and snares and emergency signalling procedures!"

Jan/Feb Classes


Dan Reilly

"The level of talent and knowledge at Northwest Survival School is fantastic. Having been receiving custom classes from these guys for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!"

Steven L.

"In this day and age, it's hard to find a company you can trust. Northwest Survival School was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why  the quality of service and instruction I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!"


Timothy Anderson

Silver Springs, FL

"I flew in from Florida to take the courses,
I am so pleased at the instruction that Northwest Survival School provided
I have sent most of my employees to them to learn these survival skills, They go way beyond what the other courses I have taken do.
Thank you to all the staff!"


Todd Simons

Portland, OR

"Dear Travis and Northwest Survival School,

Thank you for your instruction on survival I enjoyed the class very much, and learned so much from you. I am going to suggest you guys to everyone I know. I took your class this fall and am looking forward to taking your survival basics class this winter with my wife and our son Jake. I just wanted to say thank you all for all the training you provided you guys are surely some of the best in world. I hope you have great rest of the year see you in January 2013 so hold a spot open for us  (:  I can not wait to have my family involved in the intro class while I take the basics class."

George H.

Vancouver, BC

"I now agree that your school is the best in the world like I've heard from so many people I learned a great deal from all your classes. I enjoyed the focus you all put on your students and it shows in the outcome of my skill level now. I am way more confident in venturing out into the wild with the knowledge I gained by taking your courses I wish you all best of luck and be safe."

Jim and Mary Talbert

Vernal, UT


"First off I would like to say thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and skills with my wife and I we both would love to come back and take your second course offered I think it’s the Basics course? I also would like to add that now with our newly learned skills we both will be doing a lot more of our back county skiing we talked about. You asked us both if we would recommend your school to others and what we got out of your classes and we said heck yes and what we got from taking this class is: UNBELIEVABLE pretty much all I can say so very helpful and education and fun.... See you when we take the Basic course."

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