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Time: 8AM - 4PM

Fire, Shelter, Water

This class focuses on the foundations of survival in the wild that can be built upon and used anywhere in the world. This is more than just a chance to learn, but to survive as a part of a tribe. 


We highly recommend this or the 3-Day class for beginners.  

- Friction fire
- Flint fire
- Magnified fire

- Boiling
- Water filtration
- Stream locating
- What's clean and what's toxic

- Woodcutting
- Scavenging for materials
- Small to large stick & leaf forts




Time: 3 Days and 2 Nights

Fire, Shelter, Water, and Primitive Tool Crafting.


Everything from the 1-DAY class is included, plus two more days of more advanced versions of what was learned - PLUS some tool crafting, and with more time to practice. The student or group will come out of this class understanding survival skills up to an intermediate level.

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