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NWSS offers a fully customizable survival consulting service by offering our ever expanding knowledge of the wild to a variety of people - professional, government organizations, or otherwise.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of whom we've assisted:

Television and movie producers



Research groups


News reporters and productions

Wildlife Conservationists

Natural resources

Parks and recreations



Guides and outfitters

Trucking/shipping industries



Fire departments

Law enforcement


Search and Rescue

Mining industries

Logging companies


"Travis Johnson is an Icon in the outdoor survival genre. He is a Master Woodsman and leading survivalist expert. He pioneered the survival educational institution Northwest Survival School in Spokane, Washington. He is an asset both on camera and behind the camera of any outdoor film project. He also is highly proficient at on-air broadcasting and media productions. With decades of experience every word spoken or written is priceless when it comes to life saving knowledge and experience. Travis is a natural leader, combining that with his work history and network connections he can only bring success to any Network production in the outdoor film industry."

- LinkedIn Recommendation


We are currently (Summer 2020) working on a long term project where Travis leads an expedition in searching for the crash site of an ex fighter pilot of the Navy, for a mourning family. We are still available to assist elsewhere during this time.

To request more information or book with us, please 

Call or send us an email.

All media inquiries, please contact:

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