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NWSS Magnesium Ferro Rod Fire Starter Emergency Ferrocerium Survival striker Flint

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*Overcome the forces of nature,the Ferrocerium Rod ensures that you always have a reliable heat source at your fingertips. This man-made fire steel produces sparks in excess of 5000 F degrees, igniting tinder and starting a fire so you can alert rescue crews to your whereabouts, stay warm as temperatures fall, and maybe even cook wild game to sustain you.

*No climate is too harsh,unlike butane lighters that are hampered by wind, or matches that can become wet and unusable, ferro rods are impervious to weather, showering sparks over a pile of tinder in rain or gale-force winds. Capable of more than 15,000 strikes, our fire starter will see you through countless camping and hiking excursions, or carry you through the aftermath of a natural disaster as part of your prepper supplies. Small and compact, it goes virtually anywhere in your pocket, hiking gear or camping equipment.

*All the tools for your survival,each ferro rod boasts a sturdy wooden handle which has 48" of heavy-duty paracord braided through it. Attached to the paracord is a multifunctional survival tool made of hardened steel. It also measures, opens bottles, turns hex nuts and helps you map-out your return to civilization. With a hard-wearing black powder coating, it endures the rigors of the outdoors without rusting or corroding.


Ferrocerium Rod:6*0.8cm 2.4*0.3 inch L*D

multifunctional survival tool:7.5*2cm

Pakage included:

1*Ferrocerium Rod

1*multifunctional survival tool


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