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Disaster Preparedness

(Not quite convinced?)


Are you prepared?

This class focuses on preparing the individual, or group, to survive and outlast a disaster.


What's included:

- 5 days overnight (does not need to be consecutive) unless customized.

- Survival Basics (Fire, Water, Shelter, Food, level-1)

- Survival Intermediate (Fire, Water, Shelter, Food level-2)

- Navigation Basics

- Assembly of Viral Outbreak Kit (General gear required for survival)

- Safe Spots/Geography/Mapping

- First aid in an emergency situation

- Creating weapons and tools from everyday items


Examples of possible add-ons:

- Hand-to-hand combat training

- Modern weapon tactical training (rifles, pistols, and shotguns for self defense)

- Primitive trap building (also for self defense)

- Hunting & Fishing with primitive tools and or modern tools

- and much more...

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