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Escape and heal

The Rambo kit


(Not quite convinced?)

In a world surrounded by environmental toxins, daily stressors, and processed foods, it almost seems impossible to get a chance to actually seriously progress both our physical and mental well-being. 

Taking a break from the civilized world is a healing experience all of its own. What if, though, this was done while in a state of meditation while consuming whole foods from the wild?

At NWSS, we see healing that which keeps us from becoming our best, as a crucial component to survival. Making a change like this can profoundly affect not only ourselves, but the people in our lives in a positive way. 

What you will learn:

   1. Deep meditation - heal the mind


There are a litany of studies backing the power of deep meditation on mental health. Even we at NWSS have seriously benefited from the ancient meditation practices of Buddhist monks that we employ in this class.


Benefits include:

  • Reduce stress

  • Control anxiety 

  • Balance emotions

  • Increase attention span 

  • Enhance self-awareness

  • Reduce hormonal addictions 

  • Improve sleep


    2.  Breathing exercises - resist the cold

Learning how to breathe properly in the wild is essential to survival, because at any moment, it can get really cold outside. Wim Hof is a clear example of this, and not only is it great for cold resistance, it stimulates the immune system, and works to provide more calm in the mind.


    3. Food - we are what we eat

Optional - Bring your own food

The microbiome is a subject still being studied, with so much yet still to understand. However, something that is backed by many scientific articles is that the gut is closely linked to the brain, and that it significantly impacts mental health. By consuming a very low carb diet, the body will enter a ketogenic state, and has been documented to improve immune health and enhance detox in the body.


In this program, we hunt and fish for wild game, and share the feast together around a fire.

   4. Survival Basics

The Program will involve our 3-Day Survival Class to provide a foundation for the learner to feel confident enough to survive in the wild. 

   5. Basic Trapping, Fishing, and Cooking

Learn to set traps for small creatures, such as squirrel and rabbit. We will also be fishing for food using primitive tools, ending the day by cooking what was caught.

  • Learn to water and or dry fast effectively and safely.

  • Compile higher level survival skills

  • Hunt big game (seasonal)