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Professional TEAMS

The Rambo kit


The United States Military (all branches), Microsoft, and the FAA, are some of the clients that we have successfully aided for the betterment of their team cohesiveness. 

The Process

(Not quite convinced?)

Each team is different, full of diverse personalities from different cultures, and of various skillsets/strengths. However, our primal call to the wild is something we all share in common. No matter the team, surviving together away from civilization is a challenge not to be taken lightly. At NWSS we ensure that each individual within a team walks away from this experience with not only a confidence to survive in the wild, but with a newfound kinship to their fellow cohorts.

Custom Groups

The Boyscouts of America, various elementary to college level schools, family groups, and couples, are some of the custom groups we have worked with. No matter what the goal in mind is, with a unique dynamic of people, we'll make it happen.

The Process

The sky is the limit!


We construct a unique process for each group that will bring enough of a challenge that teamwork is necessary for success in surviving each day. 

Contact us to set forth on an unforgettable adventure!

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