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Survival Guide

learn everything

(Not quite convinced?)

If there was a Graduate Program for survival, this would be it. The student will learn everything we know, and how to apply that knowledge as a business.

This course will come with a more then six different certification's that can be used in a variety of capacities; including certificates for all courses, if desired.


This course is open for Schedule customization based on a per student arrangement, this class can take up to (two years to complete) You are also required to do (four expeditions) contact us for more information. 


Character is key

At NWSS we place a large focus on 'servant leadership.' To operate this way with both patience and kindness, it is important to have good character. 

We do not certify just anyone, but those who care about others, have a respect for the wild, and thrive on guiding people towards their goals.

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