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Worldwide Survivalist

Discover the world

(Not quite convinced?)

With this highly unique experience, we take the student(s) across the globe to learn how to survive in different environments, From our Essential Basic Survival Course through to the Advanced Survival Course…


our courses equip you with practical outdoor
self-reliance skills that can be used and adapted to suit a range of different environments.

Our courses are made up of a combination of indoor and outdoor
instruction to provide students with the essential, required knowledge
paired with the practical skills development that’s so important.

They are equal parts fun, rewarding and demanding…will build resilience
and resourcefulness, and will give you the confidence to go out and
explore any environment you choose. They will introduce you to the world
of wilderness survival in a comprehensive way, starting with the
essential basics and learning to use modern methods and equipment.

  • North America

  • Australia

This course will come with its own certification.


Each region will involve learning skills in intermediate survival, but can be customized to be more intensive. 

Hunting big game is not included, but can be added upon request in North America during th e appropriate hunting seasons..

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